Carmencita Film Lab, a small film lab where time stood still

Carmencita Film Lab, a small film lab where time stood still

A small photo lab where time seems to stand still and there’s nothing digital insight: this is the essence of Carmencita Film Lab, a studio where analogue photos are scanned and printed with the greatest love and care.

Albert Roig, founder of Carmencita Lab, describes himself as “revolutionary” for opening a business at a time when no one was backing analogue (2012). While it’s true that their love for film made them turn their passion into their profession, despite the risks involved, today the ranks of photographers who have switched back to developing their own film, returning to traditional photography, is growing. Albert’s goal was always clear: to create the lab that they would want to go to as customers. And that is the reason for the success of Carmencita Film Lab from the moment it opened its doors: the high-quality film development, the friendly service and the commitment and involvement of the team throughout the entire process.

The photographic scanner of Carmencita – Source: Carmencita Film Lab

Film is always developed to exact technical and quality standards. Each negative is scanned frame by frame and the colour and density are individually corrected. Depending on personal tastes and the result the customer is looking for, the lab uses the right scanner to deliver a successful final product.

The lab offers other services to round out the experience, from the sale of analogue cameras as a way for amateurs to dip their toes in this old but new world to repairs.

Carmencita Film Lab is, in the company’s words, “a lab made by photographers for photographers”. On holiday with an analogue or disposable camera and want to develop your memories? Now you know where to go.


Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel, 16, 46005 València, Valencia


De lunes a jueves de 10:00 a 13:30 horas y de 15:30 a 19:00 horas

Viernes: de 10 a 13:30 horas y de 15:30 a 18:00 horas

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