Bar Cosmo

Bar Cosmo

We want Cosmo to be your local hangout, the place where you can enjoy the best lunches, the best tapas, the best dishes of the day, and the kind of after-dinner conversations that you never want to end. We want it to become the bar you’ll always come back to, where you feel at home and get to enjoy no-fuss cuisine prepared with 100% local ingredients – easy when you’re located right next to Central Market. It also has a terrace, and in Valencia, that’s always a good choice.


Calle María Cristina 8 – 46001 Valencia. España


Tel.: +34 960 627 700

WhatsApp: +34 671 395 978

Cosmo Bar is located in the historic heart of Valencia, next to the Central Market and the old Silk Exchange. Eating lunch or dinner surrounded by history is a unique experience, and that is precisely what Cosmo Bar offers you. Meals served all day from 07:00h to 00:00h.